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Skye Moench finished a solid seventh at the 2023 Ironman World Championships in Kona. In this episode of the Zipp Speed podcast, Zipp catches up with the Utah-based triathlete about her training and background in the sport. They also discuss the rise of tubeless setups in triathlon and the importance of wheel choice. Listen to the podcast below and also check out her brilliant Trek Speed Concept with Zipp 858 NSE wheels.

The Zippcast · Pro triathlete Skye Moench from Kona
On competing in Kona

“I just try to keep the balanced of staying relaxed and still enjoying myself. I actually said before we came down here for the dinner, because we are staying in Waikola (about a 45 minute drive), ‘I’m surprised I’m willing to do this on race week.’ But part of the experience of being here is mingling and networking with people you don’t get to see all the time. You do have to be willing if I’m tired or stressed to say, I can’t make it right now. I just like to keep the vibe fun and not stress out over little things.”

Skye Moench's Trek Speed Concept with Zipp 858 NSW
Speed and stability from 858 NSW
On Riding the Queen K

“World championship racing is crazy. It’s so different from a normal Ironman because all the best women are here in the best shape of their lives. For me on the bike, it’s being smart and not over-biking too early because the backend into Kona, it’s windy. You want to have something left at the end.”

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Related Image

It’s just a way smoother ride.

–Skye on Zipp Total System Efficiency

Skye with Zipp 858 NSW equipped Trek Speed Concept