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That’s the world-record breaking magical number for Ashton Lambie – who became the first cyclist to ride the 4km pursuit distance in under four minutes.
Ashton rode dual Zipp Super-9 Tubular Track Discs in his attempt. In this special episode of ZippCast, we talk all about this inspiring accomplishment. First, Zipp Advanced Development Engineer Dave Morse and Ashton discuss the technical aspects of the Super-9 track discs and Ashton’s approach to the record – including his decision to run tubulars and his optimal tire pressure.
Then Ashton talks about the importance of gym work – specifically weight training – in preparation of his record attempt. Ashton lifts heavier and more often than many would expect from an elite cyclist, especially one who also races in ultra-long gravel events.
And in the last portion of our show today, Ashton’s partner Christina Birch joins the show. She is a bioengineer and high-level track racer. She reveals the biggest worry she had when Ashton was going for the record.

Photos by @KitKarzen


The Zippcast · Inside Ashton Lambie's 4k World Record