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The brand new RockShox Recon Silver sets the new benchmark for value-based performance. The new Recon represents a perfect partnership between our venerable Reba’s crown and lower legs and bombproof steel stanchions. This new chassis allows a significant decrease in stanchion length, which means the Recon Silver just went on a serious weight-loss program. The re-invented Recon is the new silver standard for fun.

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$249 - $289

Identifiant du modèle




Dimension de la roue 26", 27.5", 29"
Débattement (mm) 100mm, 80mm
Type d'amortissement n/a
Déport 40mm, 42mm, 46mm, 51mm
Maxle inclus Maxle Lite, Maxle Stealth, n/a
Coloris Diffusion Black, Gloss Black, Gloss White
Décors E-VTT n/a
Pivot 1-1/8" Aluminum, 1-1/8" Steel, Tapered
Axe 15x100mm, 9mm Quick Release