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You’re gonna go fast, and you’re gonna have fun. We’ve re-balanced SID, beefing up its strength to match its speed. It’s the perfect fork for a new generation of more capable XC bikes, keeping riders ready for whatever’s down course. Rock gardens? Sure. Jumps? Why not. Wherever XC riders want to go, SID is already there.

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SID Ultimate

Perfectly balanced for the speed needs of XC

Riding SID Ultimate means every detail is considered. An all new chassis, matched with the new Charger Race Day damper is our lightest yet.

SID Ultimate
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Get the speed you need to win and the strength you need to send it.

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New damper built for speed

Our lightest cartridge damper. Ever. Built with a rock-solid lockout, the new Charger Race Day damper offers pure performance matched with unrivaled efficiency.

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Trailhead App

suspension set up starts here

It’s like having a personal tuner in your pocket. RockShox TrailHead App is the starting point to get your suspension dialed in for the perfect ride. Tuning recomendations, upgrade information, and service support all in your hand.

rockshox trailhead
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