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Our highest-performing Charger 3 damper platform gives way to a new era of riding, where the decision between adding more damping and sacrificing your hands to a harsh ride doesn’t exist. Our goal; to reduce harshness that makes it to the rider’s hands, leading to having more control and confidence when riding at higher speeds. Through continued testing, learning, tinkering, and feedback provided by the fastest racers in the world, our highest performing damper technology has taken another step forward to deliver even greater results.

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The Charger 3 platform is made possible with an extremely consistent damper design featuring an Internal Floating Piston (IFP). What sets the Charger 3 platform apart from other dampers is the truly independent High Speed Compression (HSC) and Low Speed Compression (LSC) damping. We eliminated HSC and LSC cross-talk—that overlap in adjustment functionality that ties HSC and LSC adjustments together, making truly independent tuning previously impossible.

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We worked with our riders to make Charger 3.1 an even more capable fork damper. While decreasing overall damping throughout the system, clever internal improvements have broadened the adjustment range of Low Speed Compression (LSC) and High Speed Compression (HSC). A broader adjustment range means more room to find your sweet spot and perfect ride feel. No matter where you ride, you can find your perfect settings.

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We updated the plumbing through the Low Speed Compression circuit to make the oil’s easy-flow path even easier, allowing more oil to flow through the LSC when the adjuster is set to Open. 68% more oil flow, to be exact. This means less compression damping, so you can hold onto traction and control to mute low-speed trail noise.
During testing, our World Cup racers requested more high speed damping for an even more supportive ride on the fastest tracks. We created more damping when the HSC adjuster is closed so you can add the exact amount of support you need.

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