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No mountain bike fork has epitomized success more than SID. Gold in every Olympics since 2000. More major international race wins than any other fork. An unwavering dedication to light weight, precision, performance and speed. A fierce commitment to competition. From its dedicated, 100 millimeter travel-specific chassis, damper and air spring, to its precise steering characteristics, and its every-gram-counts attitude — each element of SID’s design is focused on winning. Because whether it’s a gold medal on the line or simple bragging rights, SID’s sole purpose is success.

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$599 - $699

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Dimension de la roue 27.5", 29"
Débattement (mm) 100mm
Ressort Solo Air
Déport 42mm (27.5"), 51mm (29")
Diamètre maximum du disque 203mm, 160mm
Type de plongeur 32mm straight wall aluminum
Largeur maximum du pneu (mm) 62
Type d'amortissement Charger 2
Coloris Gloss Black