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Three Positions, One Seamless Ride | Bias Adjust | Modes | Low Speed Compression Adjustment | The App At The Center Of It All | Get Right To The Ride: Initial Set Up


Our relentless pursuit of simplicity is driven by one goal: to unlock your full riding potential.

The only automatic suspension system that listens to the rider and responds in real-time. Flight Attendant uses a suite of sensors to read rider and terrain inputs to anticipate the perfect suspension position—enabling you to ride faster, ride longer, and spend less energy adjusting your suspension and more time focusing on what matters most: the unbridled joy of riding.

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Life isn’t black and white, or as easy as on or off. Balance is often found somewhere in-between. A 3-position system provides more choice and efficiency gains in more situations for the rider. With Open, Pedal and Lock compression positions, the Flight Attendant algorithm finds the best connection to the trail, providing the right level of support and comfort at the same time.

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The moment you point your bike downhill or your tires hit a big impact, Open position allows your suspension to utilize the full amount of available travel while feeling plush and ready to absorb the next big hit.


The sweet spot for efficiency. Pedal position allows the suspension to stiffen just the right amount to maintain traction and deliver the most output from energy well spent.


Power to the pedals. In the Lock position, the suspension is at its firmest setting to maximize your effort as you put the power down on those long grinds.


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Bias Adjust gives you the power to fine tune how Flight Attendant reacts in Auto Mode to your personal ride style and preference. From the factory, the system is set right in the middle: Zero Bias, for an effective balance of all three suspension positions. Based on personal ride style, adjusting Bias instructs the Flight Attendant system to favor the Open or Lock suspension positions.

When you Bias the system towards Lock (+1 or +2) Flight Attendant maximizes rider efficiency and the return on every pedal stroke with the system favoring the firmer Lock position, as often as possible. When you Bias the system towards Open (-1 or -2) the system will favor the Open position more often, with less likelihood of Lock. There’s no right or wrong, Bias Adjust is all about choice and fine tuning the feel of the system to better match your ride style. Adjust your Bias at any time through the Flight Attendant Control Module or a simple tap on the AXS mobile app.


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In Auto Mode, Flight Attendant deciphers every input and sends its commands to the AXS-enabled fork and rear shock to instantly react. It does the critical thinking for you. Your suspension is always in the right position at exactly the right time, automatically shifting between Open, Pedal and Lock compression positions before the thought ever crosses your mind.

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On those rare occasions when you need to opt out of Flight Attendant's Auto Mode, the control is there. You can enter Manual Mode by pressing the Mode button on the Control Module. From there, toggle through the suspension states using the +/- button on the Control Module or on the fly with the AXS 2-Button Controller.

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A shortcut to your desired suspension position. Press and hold the assigned paddle on your AXS controller, Override Mode turns off Auto Mode and shifts the system into your designated Override position: Open, Pedal or Lock. After that all-out sprint, or when ready, click the same paddle again to re-engage Auto Mode, and never miss a beat.

Low Speed Compression Adjustment

Dial in your ideal performance and feel on the fork and rear shock with 10 Low Speed Compression (LSC) settings. LSC controls how your fork or rear shock feels in gradual compression events like corners, weight shifts, and transitions and is tunable at any point through the Flight Attendant Control Module or via the SRAM AXS App.

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Low Speed Compression—Fork

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Low Speed Compression—Rear Shock

The App at the Center of It All

AXS-enabled and completely customizable, Flight Attendant is an integrated part of the AXS ecosystem. Use the SRAM AXS app to adjust settings for your entire AXS system, Flight Attendant included. Build a bike profile, customize your controls, check battery charge status, and update firmware as needed right from your phone. For component customization within the SRAM AXS app, all SRAM AXS and RockShox-enabled AXS components installed on a single bicycle must be paired together to create one system.

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Out of the box or fresh from your favorite retailer, set up is simple. Pair your AXS components, set up your front and rear suspension, calibrate the Flight Attendant system, and you’re done! Flight Attendant remembers everything—next time, get right to the ride.

Hit play below for our suite of User Guide videos, or check out the Flight Attendant User Manual for more information. Have questions about Flight Attendant? Check out the Flight Attendant FAQ.

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