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Super Deluxe Select+

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Give your all-day trail bike the firepower it needs for rugged terrain, plus the efficiency to climb back up for more laps. Super Deluxe Select+ is a race-proven rear shock that keeps getting better. The latest generation has decreased High-Speed Compression damping to devour scree fields. The RCT damper offers simple, meaningful adjustments for any rider or trail. Pure all-mountain performance starts and finishes with Super Deluxe.

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  • NEW RCT damper offers Rebound adjustment, Compression adjustment (affecting both High and Low Speed Compression), and an easy-adjust threshold lever for added pedaling efficiency.
  • Reduced High-Speed Compression eliminates the hang-up and allows the wheel to easily get out of the way on hard impacts.
  • DebonAir+ air spring maximizes fine-tuning potential, allowing you to tune both the negative and positive air volume to perfectly match your bike, desired ride feel, and the trail ahead.
  • The optional Hydraulic Bottom Out kicks in to restrict the flow of oil within the last 20% of travel, offering a soft hydraulic cushion that reduces harsh bottom out.
  • 14-15 clicks of Rebound adjustment offer a wider range of tunability and accommodate more rider types.
  • Castled bottom out bumper reduces harsh bottom-out, leaving extra room for the bold to go big.
  • Separate and independent Open and Threshold pistons tuned exactly for your ride.
  • Top-of-the-line Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction to help maintain traction.
  • Compatible with DebonAir Linear XL air can. With an increase in positive volume, Linear XL is a dead ringer for a coil with super supple action at the top of the travel.
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Eye to eye / Stroke 165x37.5(TR), 165x40(TR), 165x42.5(TR), 165x45(TR), 185x47.5(TR), 185x50(TR), 185x52.5(TR), 185x55(TR), 190x37.5, 190x40, 190x42.5, 190x45, 205x57.5(TR), 205x60(TR), 205x62.5(TR), 205x65(TR), 210x47.5, 210x50, 210x52.5, 210x55, 230x57.5, 230x60, 230x62.5, 230x65
Damper Type RCT, RCT Hydraulic Bottom Out
Rebound tune R25, R53, R55, R85
Compression tune C26, C30, C34, C37, C40, C43
Lockout force X2, X4, X6
Shaft Eyelet Bearing, Standard, Trunnion
Body Eyelet Bearing, No Bushing, No Bushing - 90 Deg Rotation, Standard, Standard - 90 Deg Rotation
E-Bike Approved E-bike Approved
Weight (g) 458
Weight Based On 210x50, Linear air can w/1 pos token, standard/standard


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Super Deluxe Select+

Super Deluxe Select+