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Making you faster

Our sole mission is simple: Making You Faster. Whether that means sprinting for the win, chasing KOMs, or shedding seconds off your commute, we take pride in delivering speed. In this guide, we’ll cover all the essentials to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new Zipp wheels.

Ride essentials

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Step 1: Product registration

Register your Zipp wheels to receive tips & tricks to personalize, use, and service and store your proof of purchase. Enter the serial number (found opposite the valve stem) below to get started.


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Step 2: Select the tire best for you

Consult our Hookless Tire Compatibilty Guide to help select the right tire for your ride. Zipp hookless rims should only be used with hookless-approved tubeless tires. If you purchased Zipp Ride Ready® Wheels, your optimized-for-Zipp tires are mounted and set up with sealant, so you can jump to Step 3.


Looking for tires? Click here to check out out our selection of tires produced in partnership with Goodyear to maximize the performance of your Zipp wheels.

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Step 3: Dial in the perfect pressure

We make it easy to find the right pressure for any situation with our Tire Pressure Guide.


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Step 4: Bed in your brakes

To get the most out of your new Ride Ready® disc brake wheels, complete the brake bed-in procedure before your first ride. Bed-in is the process of controlled slowing to gradually heat the braking surface while evenly embedding brake pad material into the disc rotor. Proper bed-in prevents brake noise and allows for consistent performance.


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Step 5: Join our Strava community

The Zipp Strava Club is a place to share your ride and connect with other Zipp riders. Keep up to date on upcoming events and get access to exclusive content. Don’t forget to post a photo of your bike with your new Zipp wheels!


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You Buy. We Ship. You Ride.

What’s the only thing better than new Zipp wheels? New Ride Ready Zipp Wheels. Under our Ride Ready made-to-order program exclusively through Zipp.com, you select rotors, cassettes, and tires with sealant—or any combo of those—when you order our most popular wheels. The tires and components are installed by expert technicians at the Zipp factory in Indianapolis and shipped to you. You take the wheels out of the box, put them on your bike, bed in the rotors, and ride. It’s a better way to buy wheels.