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You Buy. We Ship. You Ride.

What’s the only thing better than new Zipp wheels? New Ride Ready Zipp Wheels. Under our Ride Ready made-to-order program exclusively through Zipp.com, you select rotors, cassettes, and tires with sealant—or any combo of those—when you order our most popular wheels. The tires and components are installed by expert technicians at the Zipp factory in Indianapolis and shipped to you. You take the wheels out of the box, put them on your bike, bed in the rotors, and ride. It’s a better way to buy wheels.


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A fast way to buy Zipp wheels ready to ride

Ride Ready eliminates the time and potential frustration of installing tubeless tires with sealant, rotors, and cassettes. The goal is to maximize rider convenience and the performance of your new Zipp wheels with new Goodyear tires and SRAM components to make you faster. First, select your wheels; Ride Ready offers two of Zipp’s most popular and versatile options.

Pinarello Dogma Zipp Ride Ready

First, select your wheels

We’re offering two of our most pro-proven, versatile wheelsets for the Zipp Ride Ready Program. The Zipp 303 is our most popular family of wheels and was born of Zipp’s drive to conquer the Spring Classics. 303’s rim profile and tire bed is ideal for wide tires, tubeless setup, and running lower pressures.

Zipp 353 NSW Ride Ready Wheelset

Next, pick your components

Riders have the flexibility to select what they want: Through our tire partner, Goodyear, you choose 30 or 35-mm widths and between the premium NSW-level or the dependable performance of the SW tires developed exclusively for Zipp. Or do you want new 160mm rotors? Again, no problem. You choose from the options below à la carte list. Your order is custom fulfilled in the Zipp factory, where the rims are made.


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Goodyear VectorR Z30 NSW Tubeless Tires

Premium racing level- Zipp’s fastest tire, optimized for Zipp’s new 353 NSW. The Vector R Z30 NSW is developed with lightweight in mind. A short-ply construction and supple 150 TPI casing perfectly complement the Zipp 353 NSW to conquer mountain summits, while the R:Shield breaker provides protection for all-day riding. 


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Goodyear VectorR SW Tubeless Tires

High-end training/racing - Vector R Z30 SW and Z35 SW are developed with volume and durability in mind. A short-ply construction and sturdy 120 TPI casing perfectly complement the Zipp 303 SW to conquer any road surface, in any condition. The 30mm is a great option for all-around road speed, and the 35mm for an all-road approach.


TECH NOTE: All tires come pre-installed with Orange Seal tubeless sealant to prevent flats.


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SRAM RED XG-1290, 10-33t or 10-36t 

Our lightest, most durable cassette with two options, each providing secure shift ramps specifically designed for electronic shifting, whether versatile road gearing with a 10-33T or an all-road setup with a 10-36T. Carefully chosen tooth jumps keep you in the right gear when you’re out of the saddle on steep climbs and making fine changes to hold a wheel while approaching a sprint.

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SRAM Force XG-1270 10-33t or 10-36t

The SRAM Force XG-1270 cassette is optimized for electronic shifting and features our X-Range gearing technology. Smooth, precise shifts, from 10T on up. Choose from the popular and versatile 10-33t option or 10-36t for even more range on steep terrain.


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SRAM Paceline X 160mm Rotor

SRAM took its smoothest and quietest brake track and gave it the lightest aluminum carrier we’ve made yet.

TECH TIP: Step-by-step instructions on the very important brake-bed in procedure for consistent and powerful braking performance can be found here.

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Whatever combo you want!

With Zipp Ride Ready, it’s up to you. You can add tires/sealant, cassette, and rotors. Or just tires, or any combination.

Lifetime Warranty

Zipp wheels, handlebars, stems, and seatposts come with a lifetime warranty for product issues while riding. The lifetime warranty is not transferrable. Proof of purchase is required.