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Super Deluxe Ultimate Remote

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The Super Deluxe rewrote the rules for rear shocks and it's ready to step up once again. Designed for the latest ultra-capable enduro and trail bikes, the Super Deluxe Ultimate Remote features precise ride tuning abilities of an air spring with rebound adjustment to fine tune the ride to any trail and condition. Offering a solid, on-the-fly remote threshold adjustment for pedaling performance and Maxima Plush fluid for a buttery smooth feel, riders can now easily dial in a podium-worthy ride. Remote rear shocks are no longer reserved to the XC elites either – riders can conserve energy and accelerate faster by switching to the “Threshold” mode, and click back into “Open” for full shredding capabilities.

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Einbaulänge / Hub 230x60, 230x65, 190x37.5, 190x40, 190x42.5, 190x45, 205x62.5(TR), 210x47.5, 210x50, 210x52.5, 210x55, 230x57.5, 230x62.5, 250x67.5, 250x70, 250x72.5, 250x75, 185x52.5(TR), 185x55(TR), 165x37.5(TR), 165x40(TR), 165x42.5(TR), 165x45(TR), 185x47.5(TR), 185x50(TR), 205x57.5(TR), 205x60(TR), 205x65(TR), 225x67.5(TR), 225x70(TR), 225x72.5(TR), 225x75(TR)
Zugstufeneinstellung M, L
Druckstufe M, L, L1, LC
Lockout-Stärke 380, 320
Schaft-Zubehör Trunnion, Standard, Bearing
Gehäuse-Hardware Standard, Bearing, No Bushing
Dämpfer-Variante RTR
Weight (g) 465
Weight Based On 210x50, 2 tokens, MM tune, standard/standard


Installation. Service. Kompatibilität. Im SRAM Service Hub finden Sie alle erforderlichen Unterlagen zu Einrichtung, Gebrauch und Wartung Ihrer Komponenten.

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Super Deluxe Ultimate Remote