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October 2023


We developed the Our Responsibilities platform as a way to encompass the work we do in being a better advocate for our planet and our communities. The platform represents an evolution of our environmental and social impact work, along with updates to our long-standing legacy of cycling advocacy.

Our Responsibilities feature three pillars, shaping everything we do at SRAM, working to make bicycling an indispensable part of a healthier today and a better tomorrow:

Cycling Advocacy

Using our influence and resources to improve infrastructure, access and inclusion to benefit cyclists and the environment.

Company and Culture

Building an internal culture that represents the best of SRAM and allows all team members to thrive.

A Better Planet

Doing our part to reduce our overall environmental footprint in lasting ways backed by science.

Cyclists expect us to do more than engineer faster wheels and invent new shift logic, and we’re up for the challenge. The hardware is important, but the entire effort is what ultimately counts. There’s something special about the power of bicycles, and we harness that unique spirit through inspiring componentry built responsibly and for the long haul.


Read the full report here:

Our Responsibilities Report