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All trails. All day.

GX Eagle Transmission is ready to go toe to toe with anything, perfect shifting that’s unapologetically robust. It’s simply the most dependable drivetrain we’ve ever created, built to hold its own on any trail and outlast the rest, even with the added power of a motor. GX Eagle Transmission is even rebuildable to keep working season after season. Forget the old excuses, this is the new people’s champion for all-in, all-day rides.

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Confidently connected.

We’ve leveraged the insanely secure connection of the Hangerless Interface to protect the AXS battery on GX Eagle Transmission derailleurs. Where the Full Mount attachments sandwich the frame, we’ve tucked the battery mount out of harm’s way to keep rides flowing.


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The people's champion. 

GX is legendary among trail riders for its all-day reliability. By eliminating unnecessary parts and removing typical failure points, GX Eagle Transmission steps forward into a new dimension of dependability. Hangerless Interface centers the entire drivetrain around the rear axle, delivering never-before-realized strength for both the frame and derailleur. To absorb typical trail impacts, the Overload Clutch instantly disengages the derailleur’s motor; in the event the rock wins, a simple Trailside Reset is as easy as pulling the derailleur back into place by hand. Worry less, rip harder.

The workhorse that never complains
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Bash guards. Exactly where needed.

With tough, light weight, and movable bash guards mounted directly to the GX Eagle T-Type chainring itself, they’re always in exactly the right place to protect. The GX Eagle crankset takes aluminum toughness all the way with its no nonsense design. Form really does follow function.

Rebuild resilience.

Our most robust and rebuildable derailleur, ever. Designed to be radically intuitive, so you can work on it in your garage or at your kitchen table – because we’ve all been there when the rock on the inside of that turn wins. With its modular composition, outward facing and wear parts are replaceable so your derailleur doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re the type who swaps skid plates after a crash or takes pride in the scars, it’s never been easier to keep shifting crisp, no matter how much you throw at GX Eagle Transmission.

The workhorse that never complains

Shift easy when you pedal hard.

Ride after ride, the hard-wearing GX Eagle T-Type cassette is always ready for more. The X-Sync tooth profile keeps the chain and cassette engaged throughout the shift, reducing wear on individual cassette teeth and chain links for radically improved longevity. Even with the added watts of E-MTB, the precision synchronization of Cassette Mapping gives you the power to shift when you want. This is the hardest working drivetrain for the hardest charging riders.