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Deliver The Dream.

Eagle Transmission drops a seismic shift on what it means to shift a mountain bike. Built around the universal constant of the wheel axle itself, Eagle Transmission is a radically robust, fully integrated and interdependent wireless transmission that literally changes how we ride. It simplifies, strengthens and extends lifespan to new limits. It uses no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws and lets you shift flawlessly under maximum power. Welcome to the dream made real.


Enabling Nirvana.

Full Mount / T-Type

Utilizing the widely adopted frame design required for the Universal Derailleur Hanger, the Hangerless Interface allows Eagle Transmission to work around the one universal constant – the center of the rear axle. This opens up the possibility for perfect shifting, eliminates unnecessary parts and allows all other features to work in perfect relationship to this constant.


210 UDH bike models and counting.


Impossible until now

Sophisticated Synchronization.

With the introduction of X-Sync technology on the cassette and retimed shift routes - Cassette Mapping is a marriage of firmware and hardware that makes it possible to control the shift, under any load. When a shift is made, the derailleur’s firmware references a uniquely timed shift sequence to align with the releasing/receiving cogs - engaging chain rollers on the desired cassette teeth. This creates continuous chain engagement for pure uninterrupted power transfer. With over 44 shifting points across the gear range, strategically located based on common cassette speeds, Cassette Mapping increases shift precision and ensures constant load transfer.

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Give ‘em your max.

All this sophistication and innovation means nothing if it doesn’t increase durability and longevity. Cassette Mapping’s precision makes Eagle Transmission cassettes and the all-new Flattop MTB chains our best shifting and our longest wearing.

Prepare. Hang. Tighten.

The entire setup procedure is completed in just three simple steps - with no special tools - and takes about two minutes total. Setup for Eagle Transmission is unlike any drivetrain that’s come before. Just follow the steps and get out there to ride like you’ve never ridden before.
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Ever dream of never having to adjust your derailleur during set up? It’s here. Eagle Transmission derailleurs have no adjustment screws because they require zero adjustment after setup. All required adjustments now takes place during the Eagle Transmission setup procedure – a very clear process that removes all possibility of setting it up wrong.

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Transcendent Toughness.

Because robustness starts with simplicity, Eagle Transmission has fewer parts and fewer variance for far greater reliability and toughness.

Hangerless Interface.

Hangerless Interface and Full Mount give the Eagle Transmission derailleur a remarkably strong attachment. During prototyping, our engineers would even stand on the derailleur with their full body weight and it would still shift perfectly. Though we don’t suggest you do this yourself, it’s good to know Eagle Transmission was over-designed for inevitable impacts and crashes. So you can worry less and rip harder.

Inline Cage.

The Eagle Transmission derailleur houses its pulley wheels in what we call our Inline Cage. Oriented to keep the top pulley in perfect alignment with the cassette throughout the entire gear sweep, it also keeps the bottom pulley in an optimum angle with the front chainring. All for superior chain management and better longevity.

Magic Wheel.

That oversized bottom pulley in the Inline Cage is called the Magic Wheel because its outer ring rotates independently from the inner spoked hub. Should a stick become lodged between pulley and cage, Magic Wheel takes over, and your chain can continue threading through the derailleur without a damaging jam or bind.

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Add EMTB power. And then some.

The capability of Eagle Transmission truly comes into focus when experienced on an EMTB. We didn’t design it based on the output of current EMTB’s either. We thought way ahead. What if it had capability for not just 800-watt additional power, but 2,000W? Eagle Transmission lives for it.

E-MTB in full sprint

You’re Not Dreaming.

Rebuild, replace, repeat.

Take a crash or slam into an immovable object with your Eagle Transmission derailleur, and there’s a better chance than ever that the only damage will be cosmetic. Which is why we’ve equipped all Eagle Transmission derailleurs with one or more replaceable Skid Plates.
Being able to rebuild your Eagle Transmission derailleur beyond the skid plate is also a reality. If needed, you can swap Full Mount, Inline Cage, Magic Wheel and more.  

Realize Your Vision.

Welcome to infinite personalization.

Eagle Transmission AXS Pod Controllers are intuitive, discreet and programmable. Mount on the left or right to match your vibe. Which button shifts up, which one shifts down, which controls your Reverb dropper? It’s all up to you, just configure your way on the AXS app.
The Infinity Clamp gives you an infinite number of mounting configurations for ultimate freedom. With a flippable design and 360-degree adjustability at both the controller mount-point as well as at the handlebar. It’s thinner, more discreet, works independently of your brake lever, and offers a single bolt for further fine-tuning.
AXS Pod controller
Improving on the tried and true Matchmaker™, the all-new Bridge Clamp gives you a greater range of inboard or outboard adjustability with MatchMaker X™ functionality. Seamlessly integrate with your existing brake-lever clamp for an elegant way to keep an extremely clean cockpit.
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Easiest to install, most robust and best shift under load is a bold claim, but we aren’t the only ones making it. Reviewed by dozens of trusted publications, Eagle Transmission has been stacking up the awards and winning over tech editors as the highest-performance, most durable gear system available for mountain biking. Read the reviews below.