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The world of mountain biking has never been so vibrant, thanks to a full spectrum of riders, deserving of a full spectrum of stopping power. It’s why we now meet the need with Light Duty, Heavy Duty, and Extreme Duty collections. From the improved and time-tested to incredible new powers. Every model offering only the most usable progression, whether full-featured Ultimate or super-powered practical. Just what the full spectrum of modern mountain bike ridership demands and deserves.


Light Duty brakes

A smart collection of light duty two and four-piston brakes, refined to provide you with super controllable power without a gram extra. Proven time and again for more than a decade, our Light Duty brakes have won more UCI XC World Championships than any other brake.


Heavy Duty brakes

Full-power heavy duty four-piston brakes with a legacy of World Cup DH control. Our Heavy Duty collection of full featured brakes is tunable for the modern trail, enduro and light E-MTB rider. Inspiring true confidence so you never hold back.


Extreme Duty brakes

For the most demanding gravity focused and heavy braking scenarios, the Extreme Duty collection delivers the most progressive power at first touch, and then some. With power in surplus and boundless control, riders get to fine tune power to perfectly suit individual need.

The full story

All the pistons

Across light, heavy, and extreme brake collections, caliper pistons range from 14mm to a massive 19.5mm ­– a 39% increase. When the ratio between caliper and lever pistons is perfected, brake power increases exponentially. It’s this relationship that achieves the affirmative feel at the lever, and elevated control for each of the distinct characteristics of Level, Code, DB8, and Maven brakes.

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Take the heat. Use it.

Check any SRAM caliper or pad and you won’t find cooling fins or other add-ons aimed at moving heat away from caliper seals. Instead, we rely on design fundamentals that make the necessary biproduct of all friction, heat, an advantage. It starts with the caliper material itself, and includes careful consideration for caliper size, mass and density. The inclusion of strategic venting to channel airflow affects heat too. But we don’t do any of this to “beat the heat,” because for consistent brake performance, the right amount of heat improves friction coefficients, increasing power. Our calipers build heat to optimum levels fast, but cool down gradually to help reduce extreme temperature fluctuations. Because consistent performance is the name of the game, and that requires consistent temperature at optimal levels.

The smartest seals. Ever.

We may not always think about a brake’s internal seals, but they’re one of the most important factors impacting performance, consistency and friction coefficients. Where most brakes use off-the-shelf seals, we developed a proprietary seal material all our own that consistently seals through the entire temperature range. The unprecedented heat tolerance of our seals is another reason you won’t find cooling fins or other heat-dissipation gadgets on SRAM brakes.

The technology of control.

Progressive lever feel

SwingLink™ equipped brakes use a custom-shaped “cam” which creates an intentional progressive lever action that builds more power as you pull. We tailor this progressive leverage across each brake model for maximum power in every application. Compared to what’s called a “binary” or “on/off” feel, a progressive lever feel offers superior traction fidelity, gives you more control, and also helps minimize hand fatigue.

Smarter pivot location

By locating the pivot closer to the bar, our lever blade arc matches the natural path of your finger pull, for better feel across the entire stroke. More power. Less fatigue.

Optimal lever shape

Short and perfectly contoured, our lever’s profile and end hook are designed for maximum finger stability and control throughout the pull.

Ambidextrous Levers

Ambidextrous levers

All our levers work on either side of the cockpit — so the choice is yours to go “moto” or keep things conventional. Your setup. Your call.

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Contact point adjust

A simple contact-point adjustment system – totally decoupled from the reach adjust mechanism. Whether you want more immediate feel with a short throw, or the increased modulation of a long throw. Choose when to engage.

SRAM Centerline and HS2 rotors

Full control for full confidence

We’ve developed and refined a full spectrum of stopping power to deliver the right powered brake for you. Because it’s no longer about what’s “right” for a specific type of riding, such as XC, trail, enduro or downhill. It’s about giving a range of categories and options so that you as an individual rider get the right power, the right feel, and the right tune. For you.