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Apex AXS is simple to use and packed with features to make every ride the most fun. In this guide, we’ll cover ride essentials, unlocking your wireless drivetrain’s potential, and personalizing your AXS system—starting with the fundamentals for your new bike.

Still need to install your drivetrain? Installation is easy. 



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STEP 1: Check your battery status.

An LED will flash on your derailleur and controller every time you shift, indicating the battery status of each component. You can also press the AXS button on each component to check the status.
• GREEN = More than 25% of battery charge remaining
• RED = Between 10% and 25% of battery charge remaining
• FLASHING RED = Less than 10% of battery charge remaining

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STEP 2: Charge your battery.

AXS batteries take an hour to charge and last for approximately 60 hours of riding time, meaning most riders need to charge roughly once a month. To preserve battery life, AXS components go to sleep when the bike is stationary. Shake or bounce your bike to wake up the AXS system or simply start riding.

TECH TIP: Always use SRAM-branded batteries and chargers to get the most consistent and safe performance from your AXS components.

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STEP 3: Learn to shift.

SRAM eTap shift logic makes controlling your bike easier than ever. The drop bar controls arrive with the left controller programmed to move the derailleur inboard to an easier gear, while the right controller moves to rear derailleur outboard to a harder gear.

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STEP 4: Better braking.

The hydraulic disc brakes that come on your bike ensure the best power and control for riding in all conditions on any terrain. To get the most out of your new brakes, complete the brake bed-in procedure before your first ride. Bed-in is the process of controlled slowing to gradually heat the braking surface while evenly embedding brake pad material into the disc rotor. Proper bed-in prevents brake noise and allows for consistent performance.

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A Dialed Drivetrain

Expand your AXS knowledge and skillset with drivetrain tuning, roadside tips, and gearing benefits.

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Personalize Your Ride

Make your bike your own by configuring your controls, integrating AXS components with your bike computer, and adding remote shifters and power meters.

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Apex Power Meter

Understand and improve your efforts by upgrading to a power meter. Easily add one to your Apex bike to measure and see real-time ride info and post-ride data.

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Stay on top of maintenance with routine cleaning and monitoring for normal wear and tear.

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Learn how to set up, personalize, and maintain Apex AXS. Explore our short educational videos that cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your groupset.