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What Are Bonus Buttons and How to Use Them

Riders are casually and competitively riding in the hoods more, on their daily commute, long endurance rides, climbs and descents and in racing. What if, in this hand position, you could effortlessly shift or swipe without lifting a finger? Let’s talk Bonus Button basics.

Detail Picture of new RED AXS Lever and Bonus Button

RED AXS Bonus Buttons are cleanly integrated into RED’s new hood shape design, with each button at the top of the inside of the hood, so you can easily press with your thumbs. This feature enables a firm grip on the hoods over rough terrain ,or while getting aero, without sacrificing your ability to shift or change screens.

Bonus buttons come out of box with their default settings to shift front and rear derailleurs, operating with the same simple shift logic as our primary shifters: press the right button to go harder, left to go easier, or both for a front shift.

If you’d like to try something besides shifting from the hoods, Bonus Buttons can also be programmed through the AXS app to connect with your Hammerhead Karoo cycling computer, and other ANT+ devices. You can program the Bonus Buttons right from the comfort of your bike, then control your screen without taking your hands off the bars. There’s programmability for actions like skipping an interval, zooming in on your map or marking a point of interest. Want to learn more about Bonus Button integration with your Hammerhead Karoo? Visit Hammerhead’s website.


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We designed the RED AXS drivetrain and RED AXS Bonus Buttons together to make your connection to the bike as seamless as possible. So, go ahead and ride on the hoods during a fast group ride or a race with ease or configure your SRAM controllers straight from the handlebars, without needing to pull out your phone. Every bit of energy you dedicate to your ride matters, and we want to waste none of it.


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