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Thanks to its "horizontal parallelogram" design, X-HORIZON™ can keep the chain gap the same across all 11 gears. By taking vertical movement out of the equation, this design doesn't just make shifting faster-it reduces shift force and eliminates ghost shifting. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology reduces bounce and chain slap. CAGE LOCK™ technology makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever before. Paired with the X01® shifter, the X-HORIZON&trade rear derailleur forms the backbone of X-ACTUATION™ technology: the key to totally smooth shifting action.

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  • This X01® rear derailleur is an integral part of the SRAM 1x™ drivetrain system. NO COMPROMISES.
  • X-HORIZON™ design reduces shift force, ghost shifting and chain slap
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Speed (RD) 11s
Cable pull ratio X-actuation
Cage (RD) Long, n/a
Max tooth 42
Color (RD) Black, Blue, Green, Red
Weight (g) 250