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One group, multiple choices.

Apex is the group that knows how to have a good time. Wide-range 1x12 gearing for gravel, bikepacking, adventure, casual cruises, and everything in between. With wireless AXS or classic DoubleTap mechanical shifting, XPLR or Eagle gearing, Apex connects you to your bike with smooth and reliable shifting, chain retention, and controlled and powerful hydraulic braking. Apex is simple to understand and easy to use, keeping the focus on what matters most – finding the fun.

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Easy to understand. Easier to use.

With one chainring up front and a wide range of gears at the back, Apex creates a much simpler ride. The unique chainring and chain design securely holds your chain in place, so you can focus on your connection with nature.

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Pedal. Don’t push.

With 12 speeds at your fingertips, there’s a gear for every situation. Make climbing hills look easy. Then ride down them as fast as you’d like.

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Slow, Stop or Skid.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide pinpoint control with minimal effort, ensuring that even when it gets loose, your tires will stay connected to the ground. Unless you don’t want them to.

Riders take a break from a long gravel ride.
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Push buttons or pull cable. It’s your choice.

Choose the classic feel of mechanical shifting, or robust wireless electronic AXS.

Mechanical shifting with a single lever.

Apex DoubleTap mechanical shifting uses one lever to shift. Click once for a harder gear. Push farther for easier gears. Keep your left hand free for snacks.

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Intuitive electronics.

Apex AXS wireless electronic shifting is as logical as it gets. Press the left shifter for an easier gear. Press the right for harder. Devote your brain space to enjoying the scenery.

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How To: Apex AXS

Learn how to set up, personalize, and maintain Apex AXS. Explore our short educational videos that cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your groupset.

A collage of images from a gravel ride in Austin, Texas

How To: Apex Mechanical

Learn how to set up and maintain your Apex mechanical drivetrain. Explore our short educational videos that cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your groupset.

riders pass a large rock outcrop on a gravel ride with SRAM Apex.