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Your new RED AXS groupset is all about giving you effortless performance with the easiest possible setup, and we’re here to help you achieve exactly that. Through a series of videos and articles, we’ll cover the basics of your RED AXS drivetrain to get you riding, enjoying, and maintaining your new drivetrain.

Still need to install your drivetrain? Installation is easy.


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An LED will flash on your derailleur and shifter every time you shift, indicating the battery status of each component. You can also press the AXS button on each component to check the status.
• GREEN = More than 25% of battery charge remaining
• RED = Between 10% and 25% of battery charge remaining
• FLASHING RED = Less than 10% of battery charge remaining
Battery status is also viewable in the AXS App and even right on your Hammerhead Karoo or ANT+ bike computer when connected to your drivetrain.

TECH TIP: Your AXS system preserves battery life by going to sleep when your bike is stationary. To wake it up, simply start riding or shake your bike to wake the components.

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AXS batteries take an hour to charge and last up to 60 hours of ride time, meaning most riders need to charge roughly once a month.

If you need to charge multiple batteries at once, the SRAM Four Battery Charger will refill four batteries in the same time as a single charger. Insert just one or two batteries and get an even faster charge time. While there are other tempting options out there, always use SRAM-branded chargers and batteries to get the most consistent and safe performance from your AXS components.

TECH TIP: An AXS battery weighs just 24 grams, so consider carrying a spare in your flat kit or jersey pocket in case you forget to charge before your next big ride.

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SRAM eTap shift logic is incredibly intuitive, allowing you to think less and ride more. The drop bar controls arrive with the left shift paddle programmed to move the derailleur inboard to an easier gear, while the right shift paddle moves the rear derailleur outboard to a harder gear.

Your RED AXS shifters also provide additional shift points for your thumbs on the inside of your hoods, known as Bonus Buttons. These two buttons default to the same simple shift logic as the shift paddles.

TECH TIP: Bonus Buttons are more than just extra shifters. They can also be programmed to swipe through the screens on your ANT+ bike computer. With a Hammerhead Karoo you’ll have even more customization options, such as using Bonus Buttons to mark a lap, pause or resume a workout, drop a pin on your map, and more.

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The all-new hood shape of your RED AXS controls gives you maximum control, grip, and comfort no matter your hand size. With the improved ergonomics and light action of the levers, you can even brake with one finger from the hoods. When you move down to the drops, Reach Adjust allows you to personalize the brake lever positioning to your liking, so you can confidently brake and shift when you’re getting aero to descend or sprint.

To tailor your reach, all you need is a 2.5 mm hex wrench. Carefully remove the covers from the front of your brake lever to access the Reach Adjust bolt underneath. Turn the bolt counterclockwise to bring the lever closer to the bar, or clockwise to move the lever away from the bar.

TECH TIP: To make the most of the new control ergonomics, you may want to shorten your stem length or handlebar reach to accommodate for the longer hoods. The Zipp SL80 Race bar is specifically designed to pair with RED AXS controls and provides easy placement for additional Wireless Blips for shift points in the drops.

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The hydraulic disc brakes on your RED AXS bike feature a stiffer caliper and refined brake track on the rotors to ensure optimal power and control for riding in all road conditions. To get the most out of your new brakes, you must complete the brake bed-in procedure before your first ride. Bed-in is the process of controlled slowing to gradually heat the braking surface while evenly embedding brake pad material into the disc rotor. Proper bed-in reduces brake noise, allows for consistent performance, and gives you 20% more braking power.

If you want to change the amount of lever movement before the pads engage the rotor, your RED AXS controls offer Contact Point Adjust. Pull the hood cover back to find the 2.5 mm bolt on the inside of the lever body. Select from four different positions by gently rotating the bolt clockwise to increase the lever throw, or counterclockwise to decrease the lever throw. You’ll hear clicks when turning the adjuster to indicate the position, and there will be stops at the minimum and maximum positions.

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Maximize your RED AXS drivetrain by connecting it with your Hammerhead Karoo or other ANT+ bike computer to record gearing data, monitor AXS battery life, and more. The new Karoo was designed alongside RED AXS, so it’s easier than ever to connect to your AXS components thanks to automatic sensor pairing. You can even program your AXS shifters, including Bonus Buttons and Wireless Blips, straight from the Karoo, so you can change data pages without ever taking your hands off the bars.

TECH TIP: Want to use Bonus Buttons for more than swiping screens on your bike computer? With a Karoo, you can program your Bonus Buttons to perform a variety of actions, including skipping an interval, zooming into your map, or marking a point of interest.



Gearing Data

Once your drivetrain is connected to your Hammerhead Karoo or ANT+ bike computer, be sure to sync with AXS Web to receive ride reports with post-ride data like time spent in each gear, shift counts, and more.

Should your data lead you towards choosing to change up your gearing, RED AXS features four cassette sizes and six chainring combinations for maximum versatility and efficiency. Choose from 10-28T, 10-33T, or 10-36T cassettes. Then pair with your preferred chainring combination: 50/37T, 48/35T, or 46/33T, 52/39T, 54/41T, 56/43T. Keep your existing RED AXS front and rear derailleurs no matter the gearing you ultimately select.

Power Data

You'll have access to even more ride data when using a power meter. The ultra-accurate RED AXS integrated power meter precisely measures torque and captures your right and left leg power balance to help you understand your efforts and build fitness. Plus, it’s 29 grams lighter than the previous generation thanks to a new carbon crankarm construction. Don’t have a power meter yet? Upgrade now.