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Whether your ride of choice includes gently rolling terrain or fast down hill descents, the MRX will follow you there with crisp, positive response on your shifts.

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$9 - $21

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  • Twist shifting at its best and highest performance.
  • Fastest front and rear multiple shifts in a race-proven package.
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Shifter type Twist
Cable pull ratio 1:2
Compat - Derailleur/Hub (SL) FD: Micro index, RD: 5s, RD: 6s, RD: 7s, RD: 8s, Set: FD: 3s/RD: 6s, Set: FD: 3s/RD: 7s, Set: FD: 3s/RD: 8s
Color (SL) Black
Cable length (SL) 1900mm, 2012mm, n/a
Speeds n/a
Matchmaker compatible n/a
Clamp included? Yes
Weight Based On pair