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Three distinct ecosystems, one driving mission.

Since its inception, Eagle has been laser focused to drastically simplify and improve the entire riding experience. And now there are three distinct ecosystems to build on this mission under the House of Eagle: Eagle Drivetrain, Eagle Transmission, and Eagle Powertrain. Eagle Drivetrain has been helping riders dominate since 2015 - with both mechanical and AXS options. Eagle Transmission marks a seismic shift with dedicated AXS options, zero adjustment and a robust hangerless interface. And now Eagle Powertrain elevates the E-MTB experience with holistic AXS integration, natural feeling power tune, and intuitive shift where you want capabilities.

Which ecosystem is right for you?

Eagle Transmission Derailleur floating amongst rocks

Deliver the dream.

Eagle Transmission is the realization of the dream to fundamentally change the way we shift and ride a mountain bike. Built around the universal constant of the wheel axle itself, Eagle Transmission is a fully integrated, interdependent wireless transmission that is radically robust. As its own ecosystem of T-Type components, it simplifies, strengthens and extends lifespan to new limits. A full-mount design with no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws that delivers flawless shifting under power.

The dream is here.

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Strength meets precision.

Utilizing the widely adopted Universal Derailleur Hanger frame design, the Hangerless Interface is one of the key reasons why Eagle Transmission is the world’s toughest and most precise shifting system ever realized.

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Crazy easy setup. Zero adjustment. Really.

Eagle Transmission has been intentionally designed to easily install by following a clear setup procedure that can literally be completed in just three simple steps - with no special tools. It takes about two minutes total. Yes, really.

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Pedal harder. Shift smoother.

Eagle Transmission is the first system that truly lets you shift without worry, even under maximum effort. It can literally handle all the power you can throw down, and still shift smoother than ever. You will be blown away.

Eagle Ecosystem

The freedom to mix. The freedom to match.

The legend with legacy, Eagle Drivetrain is the dedicated 1x drivetrain with championship pedigree. A full ecosystem of its own, it’s the world’s most popular wide-range drivetrain for too many reasons to list. Whether it’s XX1, X01, GX, NX or SX - all Eagle levels use shared technology and are cross compatible. Eagle drivetrain also features a wide array of colors across components to let riders mix, match and build the bike that fits their individuality.

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Soar up. Fly down.

Ride with far greater control and responsiveness. The system-engineered approach of Eagle Drivetrain delivers a full ecosystem with the lightest weight and the least compromise. Tried, true and still on top.

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Gears to charge. Gears to chill.

Featuring an incredible 520% gear range, riders running Eagle get to spend more time in the gears that feel best to match the terrain they’re on and the power they’ve got. Such a wide range also lets stronger riders run a bigger chainring for more speed, while still minimizing suffering on the climbs.

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Show your true colors.

The Eagle color system lets you mix and match components – from XX1 to GX. Pick from chains, cassettes and cranks that let you curate a look that’s all your own.

Eagle Ecosystem

Go for the better ride.

Eagle Powertrain – the first complete, seamless and holistic system to power your ride. Experience unmatched integration with Eagle Transmission, AXS enabled personalization all from one app, and a unique “super human” power tune driven by two intuitive ride modes. Oh yeah, it’s got Coast Shift and Auto Shift capabilities too. More than individual features, Eagle Powertrain delivers a systemized approach that turns on uninterrupted flow. Because it’s the symphony. Not the players.

Go for Eagle Powertrain.

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Even more reasons to love Eagle.

Available everywhere.

As the world’s most widely adopted mountain bike drivetrain, wear parts are widely available across the globe.