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Border Bash Aragon

Aragon, Spain on April 20-23, 2023


The Bohemian Border Bash has grown into an international gravel event not-to-be-missed, drawing cyclists from around Europe & beyond to hang out in its infamous Gravel Camp and ride together in the beautiful Czech & Saxon-Switzerland National Parks that straddle the German/Czech border. In 2023, The Bash will celebrate its fifth Bohemian birthday, but why party only once when you can Bash Borders both in the autumn and the spring?

To mark half a decade of ignoring borders, The Bash is celebrating its birthday with new European borders - this time in sunny Aragon, Spain on April 20-23, 2023.

It has been close to one thousand years since King Sancho Ramirez of Aragon built Montearagón Castle in the foothills of the Pyrenees, overlooking the city of Huesca in order to retake it from the Arab dynasty controlling the lower plateau. The King of Aragon hoped to redraw the borders once again, but alas, they would continue to ebb and flow for the next millennia. So, in our spirit of "Ignoring Borders" that have been fought over for too long, we invite you to ride in the shadow of Montearagón's walls. Explore the paths that wind between the fields below, and the gravel tracks that crawl back into the arid hills above.

And best of all, leave the cold gray late winter days that us Bohemians would be facing up north, and follow us down south to sunny Aragon.

The Border Bash Aragon Gravel Camp is not a race. Instead, it is a collection of several welcoming mixed-surface rides adaptable to each rider's individual strength, skill, and perseverance. You can literally push yourself to crank the most kilometers out of the weekend, or hang along with old friends, or make new ones on the bike. You can even push your gravel bike up that last climb if you need to, we won't judge. Then, you'll enjoy hearty food and camaraderie back in the camp after the ride, spending evenings with like-minded people talking about all things bikes.

Sound like a great way to spend a long weekend next April?

Head over to BorderBash.cc for all the technical details, a sneak peek at the routes on offer, and eye-watering photos to preview the Aragon scenery.

Then round up your gravel riding buddies, and secure yourself a spot at the next new Gravel Camp!


About Border Bash: We are the organizer of big gravel rides, friendly weekend gravel get-togethers, and ultra-distance backpacking racing. Having ridden gravel tracks, trails & backcountry roads in several dozen countries, we've come to the conclusion that ignoring all kinds of borders, territorial, political, or cultural boundaries can help bring people together - to ride bikes, share stories, and make new friends... all in lovely places we might have never discovered. The Border Bash crew is committed to providing unparalleled personal experiences, an open and welcoming community, and riding that simply can't be beat. Join us.